Guitar Prasanna’s Concert

At Dakshinamurthy Auditorium (Nadopasana) on 16th March

Prapancham Ravindran – Mridangam
B.S.Purushottaman – Khanjira

Concert Duration: 2 hrs

Songs List:
1. Sri Mahaganapate – Abhogi – Brief alapana, swarams
2. Garudagamana – Nagaswarali – Alapana, swarams
3. Marugelara – Jayantashri – Raaga outline
4. Raa Rama – Asaveri
5. RTP – Bilahari – Pallavi: Raghukula in Kanda Triputa taalam – Composed by TRS
tani Avaratanam
6. Nagumomu – Abheri – Raaga outline, swarams
7. What Prasanna called as the ‘Carnaticized’ version of his composition based on Kambhoji and Kapi from ‘Smile Pinki’ – the documentary which won the Oscar award this year for ‘Best Documentary Short Subject’. Prasanna composed the music for this documentary.
8. Mangalam – Sowrashtram followed by an outline of Madhyamavati

After more than a year, there was a concert of Prasanna here on Saturday. But, since that was in Villivakkam, an inaccessible area for me, I was not able to go for it. So, I didn’t want to miss today’s concert at any cost. I don’t have anything specific to write about except that, as expected, I absolutely enjoyed every moment of this concert. 🙂 How I wish more concerts of Prasanna happens here!

6 thoughts on “Guitar Prasanna’s Concert

  1. harish

    I hear this guitar prasanna for the first time (hardly know any guys in carnatic music)…
    but i was in the impression that the guitar is never used to play carnatic music as it plays descrete notes(yes, string bending makes some continuity possible but not as smooth as a violin). Again the guitar being acoustic or electric makes a difference…anyways, it would be nice if i get a chance to listen to one of his performances…

    is this electric ganesha contain songs played with and electric guitar??

  2. RK

    P, PR, BSP is a great combination. I had the privilege of having them play for my wedding few years ago…..P is established, but BSP is very promising 🙂

  3. Aparna

    Oh that’s great!

    There are many videos of his in youtube. Do check it out

    Yes Electric Ganesha has songs played with electric guitar

    Oh 🙂

  4. Sriram

    i’ve listened to his roots & classical delights non-stop that evem my colleagues can pick out a hamsavinodhini or kharaharapriya – just love him! reg tmk, my chitthi walked out of tmks concert midway as he seemed too lost in her opinion


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