Got the Raavan CD :)

Listening to the 4th song Ranjha Ranjha now. Liked all the songs till now 🙂 Don’t know which song I am going to get hooked to first.

5 thoughts on “Got the Raavan CD :)

  1. Sathej

    Hmm..its a nice feeling, I suppose – to buy a newly released CD that one has been looking forward to greatly. Cant relate to it too much though! Maybe its like a book one has wanted to buy for long and then when you get around to buying it one day and manage to find time to read it..thinking of it, it has been days since I’ve managed to find time even for such things 🙁


  2. sree

    Not sure why my prev comments didbt show up, but i am holding off on the hindi version and try tamil first… Whats your first reaction? How is it ?

  3. Bharath

    Hope to get the CD soon… Heard the songs on the Net… Some of Rahmans albums for Mani Ratnam are instantly likeable – Example Guru Dil Se etc. Some take some time to absorb at least for me – Kannathil, Alaipayuthey – Am sure after I listen to it a few more times and also see how the visualization is, will fall under all time great albums 🙂

    BTW the second teaser trailer is out on – Dont know where they get the trailers from though… Looks like an intense and powerful movie on his favourite topics – Relationships, the line between good and evil etc


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