Good Morning!

I bought a new mobile, Nokia Xpress Music 5130, recently. Blogging from it is much more easier than from my previous mobile, 6233. So, since I am in a mood to write something, here I am happily typing away, even as I am travelling by bus. I wanted to read P.G.Wodehouse’s ‘Hot Water’, but that will have to wait. Looks like even blogging has to wait now, since water drops are falling on my head from the roof of the bus! But I can’t find any other good seat either. So I might as well continue typing. The recent rains have brought the leaky roofs back in action! There was a time when water used to ‘pour’ from the top of my bus in some places even when it didn’t rain! Weird, it was! With the good intention of not boring you all with my ramblings anymore, I am ending my post right here. Good day, folks!

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