Going to see Rahman atlast?

As I was hurriedly getting ready to leave for work today morning, my mom asked me if I saw in the Metro Plus about the programme that was going to be held at Narada Gana Sabha. Thinking it would be some concert of Sanjay/T.M.Krishna, I went and took the Metro Plus from her and what did I see?!! A.R.Rahman is going to release the new CD of Ganesh & Kumaresh titled ‘Carnatic Chills’ on Saturday!!!!!! You should know how excited I must have got! So, right after I reached office, I forgot all my work and called up the number given in the ad. The person who answered said that passes (free passes) would be available from 10 a.m. today at Narada Gana Sabha. When I called up NGS at 10, they said they had no clue about it! I called up the number given in the ad once again and he said he was on his way to the venue taking the passes with him and the passes would most probably be available in the evening too. But, how could I take a risk and wait till the evening to get the passes when it involved a chance of getting to see A.R.Rahman in person? My sister finally managed to get the passes in the afternoon. I just hope Rahman does come on Saturday. I am not ready for another disappointment. (Neither did Rahman come during the Global Rhythms concert at Saarang nor did the show live up to my expectations) Rahman, please do come on Saturday!

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