Down with Rahmania

A lazy, relaxed day. Surrounded by murmurs. Earphones on. A whole lot of your favourite Rahman’s songs waiting to be listened to. You have been hooked big-time to Puthiya Manidha, Kadhal Anukkal, Kilimanjaro, Hosanna, Aaromale, Mannippaaya and Pudhu Vellai Mazhai for several weeks now that it feels like ages since you last listened to any of your other favourite songs. You press the ‘Play’ button and then you lose track of time, lose yourself in the music, in the melody, in the beats and in the nostalgic waves after fresh waves of memories and thoughts that flow in with each song. It’s amazing how many years worth of memories are compressed into just a few minutes of music! Amazing how Rahman’s music has become such an important part of your life that listening to any of your favourite Rahman’s songs itself gives you a feeling of having gotten into a comfort zone! Listening to each song is an experience in itself and I am so happy that this year we have got so many gems of songs from the man!

8 thoughts on “Down with Rahmania

  1. Pradeep

    Yes I agree. I too am a great fan of ARR & all his songs are associated with some old memory of mine and I enjoy cherishing those. Some of my all time favorites are, yenge yenadhu, guzarish, roja, bombay…… list goes on… 🙂

  2. Tej

    For a moment I thought you were protesting Rahman’s compositions when I read the title as “Down with Rahman”. 🙂

  3. Aparna

    Raavan (not Raavanan) was a part of my playlist till some 2-3 weeks back. I went back to VTV after that.

    Btw, I know I am saying it very late, but your review of Raavan was really good! I didn’t reply to any of the comments in my blog for several weeks now.



  4. Bharath

    Thanks… BTW try listening to Raavanan – I feel the flow of the songs is much better especially Veera and Usure Poguthey.

  5. Bharath

    I need subtitles for both the lyrics – Thought the subtitles were simpler and more apt in the Tamil version – Although the Hindi lyrics were good, they were a bit too poetic and I think thats one of the reasons the film failed – The audience needed to understand the lyrics to grab the flow of the film, whether it was Behne De or Thok De Killi

    Was referring more to the flow of the songs – You know some songs are made in one language and dubbed in another – Like for example I always thought Yuva was made for Hindi and dubbed in Tamil – Here I think its the other way round

  6. Aparna

    To me even the flow of lyrics seemed better in Hindi.

    You like the songs of Yuva better than Aayitha Ezhuthu?? It’s the other way for me.


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