Brindavana Saranga

Sandeep & Vijayagopal’s awesome Brindavana Saranga in yesterday’s concert has got me hooked to this raagam. T.N.Seshagopalan’s Soundararajam, MS’ Rangapuravihara, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi’s Vrindavani Sarang and now, Sanjay’s Brindavana Saranga RTP. Can’t have enough of enjoying the various shades of this beautiful raagam!

Btw, I got to know from here and here that Pushpalatika is the Carnatic equivalent of Vrindavani Sarang. I haven’t heard this raagam at all. So, as usual, I had to check this page to know the aarohanam and avarohanam of this raagam. I am planning to listen to some songs in Pushpalatika tomorrow…

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  1. Sandeep Narayan

    Hi Aparna,

    Someone forwarded your blog to me yesterday after they saw your review of our show. Thanks a lot, I’m really glad to see that you enjoyed it.

    Just to throw some light on the two ragas mentioned above — Pushpalathika does have a similar scale to the Hindustani Brindavani Sarang (same as Vrindavani Sarang), however the approach is quite different. You can easily see this in the krithi Ikanaina na by Thirupathi Narayanaswami, which is a faster paced krithi and usually used as a filler inbetween bigger krithis during a concert.

    Incidentally, my main inspiration while singing Brindavana Saranga happens to be Seshagopalan’s Sir’s Soundararajam, as well as Sanjay’s more recent RTPs in Brindavana Saranga from the last couple years.

    Thanks again, take care.

  2. Mahesh

    If you get a chance, listen to DKP or DKJ rendetion of Soundararajam. There is a music academy concert of TNS with MSG and TKM, where it’s the main. MSG does some magic on the violin!

    MLV has sung Pushpalathika [Ikanaina as usual] with alapana, about 17 mins in total with the krithi. If you can’t find it on sangeethamshare, let me know.

  3. Sandeep Narayan

    Yea I have several renditions of DKJ singing Soundararajam, but none with any raga alapanai. His krithi rendition is of course really solid and definitely a good model to learn it from.

    I have heard Sudha Raghunathan sing Ika naina na, but never MLV. Let me know if theres a recording out there, if not I’d love if you could send me that track.


  4. Sowmya

    Though it sounds similar Pushpalatika is sung on a faster pace i feel. The one song i can recollect in pushpalatika is Bhavaye Gopabalam of Swati Tirunal. Wonderful kriti and beautiful lyrics in sanskrit. I remember learning this from my teacher years back. Listen to it on Its heeavenly. I dont know who the singer is though!

  5. Aparna

    Welcome to my blog 🙂 I really liked your concert 🙂

    Thanks for the info. Am listening to DKP’s Pushpalatika now and I can see the difference in approach.

    Shall see if I am able to get those recordings and listen. Btw, I wasn’t able to find MLV’s ikanaina in sangeethapriya. So, please do mail me. Thanks in advance! I am now listening to DKP’s ikanaina now and it has alapana as well as neraval & swarams.

    Hey thanks a lot for the link. Will listen to it.

  6. Mahesh

    Aparna – Check mail box!!

    Sandeep – I have not heard DKJ or DKP sing raga for Brindavana Saranga ever, but I have not heard a more pristine rendition of Soundararajam from *anyone* else which is even close to their one! Dikshitar krithi’s from the DKP school is always a delight!!

    I will check your Myspace page, get your contact details and will mail you.

  7. Krishna Kumar.S


    I was on a trip to Sadhuragiri. If you are interested you can visit it by using the link I provided. I have uploaded some photos taken by friends.

    Looks like you like music a lot. Good. Keep it up. Carnatic musics are our traditions and heritage. Someone should take up the responsibility of upholding it.

    -Krishna Kumar.S

  8. Krishna Kumar.S

    Thanks, I hope you would enjoy the photos. I thought you might be interested. I am not much into music. Here and there I use to listen to songs. I can’t understand much of your music related posts, but I would make an effort to learn. What I am bothered much is the heritage. I want Indians to save heritage and look at it in a proud manner.

  9. jayakumar

    this is one of my favorite ragas. when i singor listen to this raag, it takes to me to a different world. you must also listen to “barse badariya saawan ki” by Maharajapuram santhanam. he is my favourite musician.

  10. vvrao

    Dear Aparnaji,
    Since a long time I have been searching for ”SAPASYA KAUSALYA” in jonpuri by TM KRISHNA.
    If you help me in getting it or atleast if I have the pleasure of listening to it,I will be verymuch musically grateful to you.
    with regards

  11. raji

    Sapasya kausalya by t.m.krishna is available on i tunes.i just bought it and its simply superb.cannot stop listening to it!


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