Blue is my favourite colour. Nature’s beauty is at its best in the form of blue sky and blue waters. Beautiful is the word I would associate with blue. Yet I have always wondered why blue is also used to mean gloomy, depressed, sadness, etc. Though the answer was always just a Google search away 😛 , thanks to sheer laziness on my part, I finally found the answer only today. In case you are interested in knowing it, assuming of course, you don’t already know it, here is what wikipedia says:

In the English language, blue may refer to the feeling of sadness. “He was feeling blue”. This is because blue was related to rain, or storms, and in Greek mythology, the god Zeus would make rain when he was sad (crying), and a storm when he was angry. Kyanos was a name used in Ancient Greek to refer to dark blue tile (in English it means blue-green or cyan). The phrase “feeling blue” is linked also to a custom among many old deepwater sailing ships. If the ship lost the captain or any of the officers during its voyage, she would fly blue flags and have a blue band painted along her entire hull when returning to home port.

9 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Sathej

    Oh, thats an interesting piece of info. In hindsight yes, the allusion to sailors’ misery seems obvious. A crystal blue sky, yes, is indeed beautiful 🙂

  2. Richa


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  3. Ranjhith

    Blue? All that scatters wud appear Blue, when they actually aren’t. Fools you. Blue flame, gives the highest heating temp. Burns you. Blue fever. Monday Blues. Out of the blue. Nags you. All represent misery & suffering. All you know abt Blue & still Blue? I hate that color!

    Go Green, thats better for today & tomorrow. 🙂

  4. Arunk

    Interesting. I knew blue meant sad, but did not occur to find out why. BTW, I presume you know there is a kind of music called “the blues” – although meant exactly in this context (i.e. something you sing when you are down, most songs have words relating to this), it is a very catchy genre, with some sensational guitar playing.


  5. Aparna


    Welcome to my blog


    🙂 I do know your favourite colour is green 🙂


    I just know that there is a genre called Blues. I would love to listen to it. Any particular tracks that you would recommend?


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