ARR’s songs in 2007

I was thinking about all the songs of ARR that released last year and ended up categorizing them as per my level of liking it. Sivaji and Azhagiya Tamizh Magan were the two albums of Rahman that released last year. Elizabeth – The Golden Age & the Marhaba song in Al Risalah released too but I have listened to Marhaba only a couple of times and I have not yet listened to songs of The Golden Age. So I am excluding those two here.

Songs that I love – the ones I consider to be The Best:

  • Vaaji vaaji
  • Oru koodai sunlight

Other favourites:

  • Sahana/Sahara
  • VaLayapaTTi
  • Maduraikku

Song that alternates between ‘The Best’ and ‘Other favourite’ categories:

  • athiradee

Song that needs more listening:

  • nee Marilyn Monroe – I did like it very much when I heard it live in ARR’s concert. Still I have to listen to it some more before I can decide the category in which I will put it into 😉

Songs that I don’t listen to anymore:

  • Balleilakka
  • kaeLaamal
  • ella pugazhum
  • The Boss

What is your choice of songs for each of these categories?

7 thoughts on “ARR’s songs in 2007

  1. D.K.Suriya Narayanan

    The two Best songs in the list again for me:
    2)Vaaji vaaji
    I guessed well before that ‘valayapatti’ will defntly be a slow hit among TN audience and it happened the same way..still in every channel everyday…which did not happen in those days when the movie got released…similarly for ‘vaaji vaaji’.
    All others songs – fall in ‘ok’ category..

  2. R.Saravanan

    Dear Aparna,

    The choice of songs and the catagorisation are fair.Eventhough I don’t listen to too much of Tamil film songs I think I have listened to some of these.

    Why don’t you mention any Hindi songs in this list, maybe you don’t listen to those…


  3. Dandilsa

    Songs I love : Vaaji, Valayapatti. The songs on your don’t listen to anymore list match mine..bore adichupochu! Btw Ada music rocks! You should do a post on your impressions.

  4. Aparna

    I too would give a high rating to VaLayapaTTi. That’s the best song of ATM.
    Even Balleilakka & ella paugazhum keep coming on TV often. Samma bore.

    No Hindi movie with Rahman’s muisc released last year.

    Same pinch 😉
    I love Ada songs too! 🙂 Will write a post on it soon.

  5. Venkat

    I liked all of them but in particular I loved Sahana… Who will not like A.R.R’s song after hearing it live as I (reading your post I should rather be saying ‘we’) did.

  6. sanjana

    u guys!!!!!!! huh!
    did any of you notice all his songs are unique?
    harris jeyaraj,vidyasagar,bharadwaj,mani sharma ,yuvan shankar raja,shankar all copy their own tunes !! self-obsessed!

    If u ask me , i have never found any flaws in a r rahman’s songs coz he is a genius incomparably. he has never copied his own tune, anyone else’s or any other tunes in any of his songs.
    that’s the speciality of his music!


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