And thus ends the countdown! :)

I am now at the Koothambalam auditorium in Kalakshetra all set to attend the first December Season concert of T.M.Krishna! The concert will start after some DVD launch programme (I really don’t remember the details of the DVD now!) at 6:30 pm. I hope the speeches get over soon.

Coming straight from office, it took me a good 20-min walk to reach here from the signal near Marundeeshwarar temple. Thanks to the intermittent heavy rain all through the day, the roads were bad and it was difficult walking on the slushy road. But the moment I entered Kalakshetra, I loved the peaceful atmosphere that welcomed me. 🙂 The road which the security directed me to take wasn’t the one used by vehicles. So there was absolute silence except for the sounds of the insects and the sounds of vehicles which was so low that it seemed to come from a far-away place. The pleasant weather, the water droplets falling from the trees, the serene atmosphere, everything in complete contrast to the bad roads, the maddening traffic and the noise in ECR, made me forget everything and set the mood to enjoy the music that is soon going to follow. The programme is about to begin! Cya later!

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