An unforgettable Sanjay’s concert!

At Sri Krishna Gana Sabha (Gokulashtami Sangeetha Utsavam) on 5th September

Varadarajan – Violin
Neyveli Venkatesh – Mridangam
Govindarajan – Ghatam

Concert Duration: 2 hrs 55 min

List of Songs:
1. evvare (varnam) – sahAnA
2. sivalOka nAdanai – mAyAmAlavagowlai – neraval & swarams at arpa sugattai ninaindOm
3. vande sadA padmanAbham – navarasa kannadA – AlApana
4. kANa kaNNAyiram – nIlAmbari
5. endukOni manasu – kalyANi – AlApana; neraval & swarams at SaraNAgata vatsala nammiti tArakanAma
tani Avartanam
6. vA vElavA – tAnarUpi
7. manasulOni – hindOLam – rAgA outline, swarams at manasulOni
8. rAgam tAnam pallavi – rAgESrI
pallavi: varadA venkataSaila gOvindA – misra cApu
swarams in Ananda bhairavi, bEgaDa, husEni
9. eppaDi manam tuNindadO – husEni
10. ninnaye rati – paTdIp – rAgam outline
11. paniyin viNtuLi – harikAmbhOji
12. mangaLam – sowrAStram

With the opening sahANA varnam (I love the muktAyiswarams of this varnam) of the concert itself, needless to say, making me instantly happy 🙂 , the second song sivalOka nAdanai with some superb fast-paced swarams only made me more happy. Isn’t it always a pleasure listening to Sanjay sing any song on the Dancing Lord and other songs from nandanAr caritram? 🙂

The absolutely wonderful AlApanai of navarasa kannadA that Sanjay sang next was one that will definitely make you completely lose yourself in it! I loved Varadarajan’s playing for this. Sanjay’s voice was in such a good form that every second of the AlApana and the lovely song vande sadA padmanAbham was so blissful. Contrasting to the brisk pace at which he sang vande sadA, was the unhurried rendition of kANa kaNNAyiram that got me completely immersed in the beauty of nIlAmbari.

kalyANi is definitely not there in my list of preferred rAgams for main, but Sanjay’s AlApana and the swarams, especially the fast-paced ones, were so beautiful that I am eagerly waiting to listen to an elaborate kalyANi from him again! Varadarajan’s AlApana, though good, wasn’t as special as Sanjay’s.

After vA vElavA, one of my favourites, and manasulOni, which isn’t my favourite, came the part that I was looking forward to ever since I came to know the date of this concert – rAgam tAnam pallavi. Chennaiites’ wait to listen to Sanjay’s rAgESrI finally came to an end. And my own almost 8 loooong months wait to listen to an RTP of Sanjay live finally came to an end! As always, the RTP including the rAgamAlikA swarams was excellent! pallavi was varadA venkataSaila gOvindA and the accompanists for yesterday’s concert were Vardarajan, Venkatesh and Govindarajan. 🙂 Sanjay pointed out each of them as he sang the words varadA, venkatashaila and gOvindA of the pallavi. 🙂

The only disappointment in this otherwise unforgettable concert was Sanjay not singing ninnayE rati in bhAgESrI. 🙁 That was one of his best pieces during the last Season.

Neyveli Venkatesh’s playing was like how it usually is. Anyway, I am not a big fan of his playing. I thought Govindarajan played well.

I am sure yesterday’s concert will be one that will be remembered for a long, long time by all fans of Sanjay! 🙂

7 thoughts on “An unforgettable Sanjay’s concert!

  1. Srilatha

    Hi Aparna,

    Thanks for the List,

    Btw I thought Manasuloni could be Varamu, (Same as Thunai Purindharul ), Very subtle differences between Hindolam and Varamu I guess the usage of Daivatam D2 instead of D1.

    I was in india for Six weeks and it was like a drought of Sanjay’s Kutcheri’s . I attended the T M Krishna’s Concert in Balavinayagar Temple and loved it. Missed the Sanjay’s one there.

    Thanks once again for the list and the blog


  2. cogito

    “Sanjay pointed out each of them as he sang the words varadA, venkatashaila and gOvindA of the pallavi” – That was quick thinking or did he pre-plan it? ( Either way appreciate his presence of mind).

    Reminds me of an incident by MDR. MDR was singing ” Ramanai Ninai Maname” and suddenly he sang ” jayaramani ninai maname and pointed to LGJ on the violin and sivaramanai ninai maname and pointed to Umayalpuram Sivaraman on the mridangam” !

  3. Ajit S

    Hi Aparna,

    I live in bangalore though my native is Madras only. I would love to attend one of the kutcheris. How do you find information on upcoming kutcheris? Can you tell me? Sorry if i sound lazy, i dont know the abcd in these matters…

    If you can see my email id, please send a link regarding that or just post a link in you blog somewhere for other people like me. Thank you in advance. I appreciate it.

  4. Aparna

    I guess Manasuloni is sung in both varamu as well as in Hindolam. I thought the one Sanjay sang was in Hindolam

    I too came for TMK’s concert at Warren Rd temple 🙂 I left when he started the Sankarabharanam alapana since I have heard TMK’s Sankarabharanam lots of times and hence wasn’t interested in listening to it again

    Sriram always takes awesome photos of Sanjay. He captures the right moments perfectly!

    No idea if that was pre-planned, but Sanjay is quite capable of doing quick thinking. An incident that comes to my mind is: During his concert in Anna Nagar last Season, there were quite a few audience requests post-main and it seemed as though a person was going to the stage with a chit every other minute. 😉 Sanjay was singing some viruttam and just as he was singing the word vandhu, yet another lady walked to the stage with a chit in her hand and Sanjay immediately looked at her and sang vandhu, simultaneously gesturing her to come & give the chit 🙂

    I have heard that MDR incident 🙂

    Go soon then 🙂 Irrespective of the time of the year, atleast one concert happens everyday in Madras. So shouldn’t be difficult for you to go 😉

    No youtube links

    Welcome to my blog! Check this post:


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