An evening with Rahman’s music

For the past four days, I have been listening to only two songs again and again. They are Sonu Nigam’s Deewana (This one is of course not A.R.Rahman’s) and Rahman’s Lukka Chuppi. More than the music, one thing that had me hooked on to these two songs is the voice of Sonu Nigam & A.R.Rahman. The feel that they both bring to the songs with their voices is amazing.
Yesterday evening, I listened to the songs of Sivaji for the first time. After listening to Rahman singing a beautiful line like ‘Yahaan sab kuch hai maa phir bhi lage bin tere mujhko akela’ in Lukka Chuppi, his singing the line ‘Bun bun nee sweet bun’ in the song Athiradee didn’t appeal to me initially. After that, I listened to some of my favourites sung by Rahman since all I wanted to do was to listen to only the songs sung by him!

Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera – There have been times when I have put this song in the repeat mode and lost track of the number of times it got played. I can’t even imagine anyone else who could have done justice to this song as well as Rahman!
Pray For Me Brother – The video of this is too good. Even though Rahman sporting a new look with glasses is because of some eye infection or something, does he look cool in this video!
Dil Se Re – The beat, the way he starts the song, the way the song ends with the chorus starting a few seconds after Rahman’s voice, Rahman singing the line Dil Se Re/ KaNNeere KaNNeere Santhosha KaNNeerey!
Andha Arabic Kadaloaram – Is one song that I always listen to whenever I want to cheer up myself or when I am very happy.

Before I start writing about the songs of Sivaji, let me tell you that I am yet to read even a single review of the songs since I didn’t want to get influenced by anyone’s review (and there a few people whose review does influence me a bit). I liked all the songs the very first time I listened to them itself or maybe should I say there was not even a single song that I felt wasn’t upto the mark.
Athiradee – After these songs, I went back to Athiradee and did I become crazy about that song! I listened to it 3-4 times continuously! I love the guitar interludes in this song and then of course, Rahman’s voice! This is my current favourite in Sivaji now.
Sahana/Sahara – Did any of you feel that Udit Narayan’s voice doesn’t suit this song or is it only me? In fact, off late, I have started getting bored of Udit’s voice. Think of songs like O Mitwa, O Rey Chori, Yeh Tara or for that matter some non-ARR songs like Koi Ladki Hai or Mehendi Lagaa ke Rakhna. Does his voice now have the same magic as it had in these songs? Coming back to the song, the starting music reminded me of the Dil Se Theme music. I especially like the music of these lines:
Thalaimudhal Kaalvarai thavikkinra dhooratthai idhazhgaLil kadanthu vidu, Un meesaiyin mudiyenra malliya saaviyil pulangaLai thirandhu vidu
Chinmayee has sung these lines so well!
I like the music that comes at 2.15.
Vaaji Vaaji – I like the way this song starts. The beat, the chorus singing aambal aambal! Aren’t some parts of this song based on raaga Abheri? Especially the lines sung by Madhusree in the two charanams (the lines starting with Punnagai and Anandha veriyil)? These lines reminded me of some parts of Shabba Shabba from Daud. The music between the two charanams is too good. Given a song like Nila kaaigiradhu or Uyire and a song like this one, is there anyone apart from Hariharan who can sing these songs giving each one the appropriate feel!
Style – I like the beat in this song and the way the tempo changes from 1.08 onwards. I don’t find anything else special about this song at this point of time.
Balleilakka – A typical Rajni song with lyrics too so typical of a Rajni song. I like everytime the word Sattunu sollu is said everytime after the beat.
The Boss – The beat/music running in the background throughout this song is what I like. I don’t have anything else special to say about this song right now.

Today evening all I did was only listen to Sivaji songs again and again (That’s what I am doing even now). When you have Rahman’s music for company, what more can you ask for! 🙂

45 thoughts on “An evening with Rahman’s music

  1. Adiya

    mm 🙂 romba time appuram vanduerukinga..

    i like vellia pokkal , siru pokkal, kalluri salai, tera bina, Roobaa ru…

    Vaaji my choice would be hariharan or Shanker Mahadevan to an extend Naresh Iyer.

    Sahana is one the one we are debating as of now.. lets c. 🙂
    🙂 njoy

  2. ranjhith

    Welcome Back! Yep! Chinmayee has done a wonderful job.

    Then, when I heard “Andha Arabic Kaldaloram..”, I was just baffled with that fresh new voice. Even in “Chinna Chinna Aasai” – even on the 1st hearing on TV, got me think, that something is different. All for good & ARR is the dude. 🙂

  3. Andy

    My favourite song with ARR’s voice is Fanaa.. Probably I am the only one – but i felt the song had a pet shop boys feel to it. Maybe because of the synth beats.

  4. sreekrishnanv

    Athiradee is awesome …i like that Billa Ranga Baasha thaan Ivan pistol Paesum baeshaa thaan … cant wait to see rajini rahman combo on screen

    Sahara by VY is also awesome ….

    i like the start hum of Vaaji Vaaji … where the female chorus sings Aaambal aambal and Mouval Mouval … thats my ringtone now …

    And review – Was nice to see start with Lukka Chupi and Athiradee …cant believe same man sang these 2 songs !!

  5. shivganesh

    a.r. rocks! nice to hear to ur comments about sivaji’s songs aparna. sahana saaral is the song which will give the initial popularity to sivaji, followed by vaaji vaaji and adhiradi kaalam the most favourite song from sivaji and blazee’s theme “vaada”, the magnificent sivaji theme music, the rocking beats of oru koodai sunlight(style) and a typical rajini song “ballilekka”
    the only thing left out for the whole vacation is to hear to sivaji’s songs exclusively and no other plans!

  6. Aparna

    I am a tremendous fan of Rahman only! 🙂 Btw, do you listen to film songs or not?

    Welcome to my blog! I differ about Udit’s voice but I too like Chinamyi’s.

    I too like those songs! Who wouldn’t? 😉
    No debate about Sahana. In fact, I have now listened to it so many times that I like it veryyy much. But, I don’t think my opinion about Udit’s voice will change.

  7. Aparna

    Thank you!

    > All for good & ARR is the dude
    yes! 🙂

    > pet shop boys feel
    I see

    🙂 Welcome to my blog!

  8. Aparna

    Yup! The way he has sung a song like Lukka Chuppi & then, Athiradee is amazing!

    Welcome to my blog! Nice to read about your views on Sivaji songs too. Enjoy your vacation with Sivaji! 🙂

    Welcome to my blog! Yes, Long Live A.R.Rahman!

  9. adiya

    illa debate innu sonnathu.. we are just discussing some aspects of it..
    of-course any song has its own goods 🙂 no doubt 🙂

    ???? ?????????? ????????????? ~~~~

  10. yuva

    i can add many more.. these few are very sweet/great/awesome..
    Love Birds — Nalai Ulagam
    Rachagan —
    Duet — Nann Padum Santham
    Puthiya Mugalm — Netru illatha
    Mr Romeo — Thaingathy

  11. chiroti

    Aparna, hope you know Sonu sings in kannada as well and he sings very well. Try listening to Annisuthidhe yaako indhu from Mungaarumale movie. Though you wont understand, you will like the song. I can help you out with the lyrics part.

    ARR – I like ARR’s Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera the most. (Hope I can say this, pls dont force me to say that I like all his songs…:( poor me! ) 🙂

    Sivaji – I simply love the way SPB has sung Ballelakka, esp the SaduGudu part, listen to the variations (aavarthas) he sings in full speed, its brilliant! Yes, the chorus sounds very good, esp the Sattenu Sollu part, though I dint quite like AR Rehana’s style of singing in between.
    I like Sahana Pookkal only for Sujatha’s voice, simply beautiful.
    Rest, Style – is very stylish 🙂 and the rest are okay.
    Good post. Good time pass for us! 🙂

    Take care.

  12. Aparna

    Thank you!
    I didn’t know that Sonu sings in Kannada! I will listen to that song. And thanks for offering to help me with the lyrics! I will listen to it and let you know.
    > Hope I can say this, pls dont force me to say that I like all his songs…:(
    LOL! I won’t force you 🙂 There are some songs of ARR that I too find boring! And some way above the rest!
    Nice to know about your views on Sivaji songs.

  13. Adiya

    🙂 mm. A.R.Rehana singing type is another change paradigm from A.R.R for rajini. he did the same thing in Muthu movie also “Kokku Saiva Kokku” song.
    along with S.P.B sir there is one known/unknown singer Theni Kunjamma haunting inbetween.. 🙂
    Here is also the same pattern.. 🙂 S.P.B sir just pulls every bodies heart with his casual very comfortable singing style( u explained what ever i wanted to say ) and aptly supported by a.R.rehhana & chorus.

    i like the that “ala marathuku jadaiya pinnalam” lines from rehanana as thrilled S.P.B @ his best .. right from ballekka starts to end with Cool 🙂

    Hope u know a.r.rehana is rahmans sister cum music director 🙂
    machi, azghar are some of her compositions 🙂

    🙂 //LOL! I won’t force you There are some songs of ARR that I too find boring!//

    is it u 🙂 interesting.. 🙂

  14. chiroti




    Good observation on ARR style for Muthu’s song and now Sivaji.
    Yes, I do know about AR Rehana…:) Thanks for the info. So you like those lines? 🙁 okay…:)

    Adiya, I cleverly pulled out some secrets from Aparna, she finds some songs of ARR boring…;)

  15. Rukesh

    Hi Aparna,

    Good Review..Adding to the same. i feel the back ground orchestra for Vaaji..Vaaji songs is same like of Ale..Ale..of BOYS.

    Rukesh 🙂

  16. Aparna

    Why I can’t find some of ARR’s songs boring? 😉
    I too like those lines from Balleilakka!

    Clever indeed 🙂

    Thank you. 🙂

  17. dawdler

    U mite want to try – Sarfarosh Ki Tamanna.(OST-The Legend of Bhagat Singh).same combo.. i’m no music connoisseur…this one is absolutely enthralling…the tempo and the rendition so smoothing… close competition in the form of Azyage Sugma (OST – Parthale Paravasam) and Thenkizyakku Seemayile (Kizyakku Seemayile) and Dheeme Dheeme (1947 Earth) wud be some of the most achingly painful music I’ve heard …so far…

  18. Aparna

    Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna is one of my favourites of ARR 🙂 & yeah, you are right. The other songs that you have mentioned are also some of the best of slow melodious songs of Rahman.

  19. TARA

    hey i guess u are a music freak and a lover of AR ‘s music.. me too .. i love rahman.. iand i too was touched by shivaji’s songs.. i like vaaji and rrahman in athiradee… always.. his songs.. appeal me .. when i hear them say 2 to 3 times.. and then i never stop listening to my fav playlists….have a look at .. its got gr8 music…. good collection of songs..

  20. showkath khan

    aparna a good review, ar rahman is a very good singer and i liked dil se and mustafa mustafa…….he is a hardworking musician…..i like his music and his attitude towards other senior musicians, he respects them and never shows off nor talks big…..great human being.


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