Agar Main Kahoon

I like this song as much as Kitni Baatein. If it was Hariharan’s voice in that song, it is Udit’s in this that makes one go ga-ga over it. This is probably the one song in the recent times in which Udit’s voice still has the same magic it once had a few years back. Udit and Alka – a vintage combo.

The conversation between the lead pair in this song is as good as the one in Kitni Baatein. The hero proposing in the simplest and direct of ways, mock anger from the lady, the man proposing using all those clichéd Bollywood lines, only to face the lady’s ‘anger’ again. This is such a beautiful song where the picturization is as perfect as the music and lyrics!

4 thoughts on “Agar Main Kahoon

  1. puranjoy

    Interesting posts of late, Aparna. Whatever mood you are in, I am officially in a dilemma whether I want you to come out of it or not. On the one hand, the “what!” posts, on the other the song-descriptive ones, albeit very brief. Hmm, I am one confused guy.
    I think I will pass on the resolution for another three and a half posts.

  2. Aparna

    Interesting comment, Puranjoy. I have to write only two and a half posts more to know your resolution, which, I must say, I am very eager to know.

  3. Aravind

    this is one of my favorite songs and i also like the picturization of the song particularly those silhouette style towards the end of the song.


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