A day sans music?

I realized just now that for the first time in more than a couple of months, today I didn’t listen to any music at all till now! There are times when one prefers silence to music. Hmmm! But hey, I guess I will after all, listen to music while watching Super Singer tonight.

6 thoughts on “A day sans music?

  1. sreekrishnan

    i guess Ilaiyaraja or Francis Ford Coppola taught us how Silence is sometimes music and puts an emotion in place.

    I’d do this usually – and its a great feel … Keep listening to one of your fav album – through out the day non stop, Go home, hot Shower and sit in the balcony with Coffee .. the eerie silence is a great music !

    Moral: Silence is also a music – when injected in the right place or right time !

  2. Sriram

    Hmm… I have been listening to “Mann Chandre” from Connections last few days… It kind of puts one to solitude…. Felt it is not just music!

  3. Aparna

    Hmm 🙂

    🙂 I experience that great music in silence everytime I go for a walk in Boat Club Road!

    I am yet to listen to Connections 🙁

    Puts one to solitude? That’s the kind of song that I feel like listening to now! Can’t wait to listen to mann chandre soon!

  4. sangeetha

    It happens to sometimes too.. very rarely though. tells me i am o a prey pouncing mode or extremely depressed 🙂

  5. Aparna

    >tells me i am o a prey pouncing mode or extremely depressed
    For me, it means either that or there’s something else that has got my full interest and concentration


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