I look out of the window and see the leaves of the coconut, palm and other trees swaying gently to, what I suppose is, a light breeze. Seeing the sky covered with clouds makes me wish I could go out of this air-conditioned room and enjoy the pleasant weather. Listening to the very beautiful instrumental version of pudhu veLLai mazhai, I suprisingly feel like humming yeh haseen vaadiyaan, yeh khula aasmaan, and not my favourite pudhu veLLai mazhai! I see a lone bird happily flying from one tree to another. It’s a beautiful morning! The song has changed and I am now all set to get mesmerized by the brilliant Brindavana Saranga of TNS and MSG!

2 thoughts on “:-)

  1. sundar

    u r on my chat list on gmail….
    i neva knew ur a good writer….cross widya….
    it was ok to read things wat girls rite n feel…..this one was sumthn cute..i agree…gettin outta the a/c room to enjoy the real breeze…and lo wer didya get the latest instrumental version of the pudhu vellai mazhai…..i wana do that too….listen to soothin music in the midst of the wonderful breeze that carries the drizzle n the misty n mystique climate over here at coimbatore…..waaaaaaaahh need a hot cuppa coffee with cashew pakoras of mom too ….ur contagious aparna,,,lol:)great way to go


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