With this comment, the total no. of comments in my blog has now reached 5000! 🙂 5000 comments for 466 posts. Of course, it includes my replies to comments as well as ping backs to posts. But, anyway, this calls for a celebration 😉 Thank you, my dear readers! 🙂

13 thoughts on “5000 comments!

  1. Sathej

    Btw one thing, the first comment in most of your posts always gets hidden by the Google ads..maybe its just in my browser. Anyway, just said..


  2. Geetha


    Kudos..to you..
    well , today was my first visit to your blog …I was searching for something and landed up to ‘Unplanned plans..’ an unplanned landing to ur blog 😉
    I must say..you are doin a gr8 job..with 5000 comments for 466 posts…Way to go…aparna…!!
    I have a blog too..but jus blogged once or twice… your entries definitely..do motivate..me to explore blogosphere.. a bit more..It was fun going thru all your posts… 🙂


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