Indian International Schools in Singapore

There are 4 Indian International schools here in Singapore and these are the ones having the lowest fees compared to all other international schools. These international schools raise their fees almost every year and the fees are definitely going to only be on the increase. The websites of all these schools have detailed fee structure.

These schools follows the academic year schedule of April to March. Except NPS International School which follows the age criteria for primary 1 as completion of 6 years as on March 31st, the other three require only completion of 5 years of age as on March 31st. So, since a child completing K2 (Kindergarten 2) in a local school in November would already have completed 6 years, they allow them to directly join the last term of Primary 1 from January and move on to Primary 2 from April. It is up to the parents to decide if their child can manage to skip two terms of Primary 1.

Ask anyone who has a child studying in any of these schools and the common complaint you will hear is that there are no adequate number of teachers for all subjects and that teachers keep changing often. But, when, at the end of the day, a majority of foreigners here belong only to a community of floating population, that is bound to happen, isn’t it? You also hear varying opinions on the quality of teaching too.

All these schools have school transport services to all areas.

All these schools have at least a thousand students studying in it and it is easy to get admission in any of these schools at any time of the year.

Yuvabharathi International School

Situated near Lakeside/Jurong, this Coimbatore-based school follows the CBSE syllabus of India and at around S$ 11,700 per annum, has the lowest fees compared to all other schools. This fee is inclusive of one-time non-refundable deposit fee of S$ 2675, so the fees of following years will only be lesser.

The school has a nice campus and seems to have a good infrastructure.

This school is surrounded by lots of HDB apartments and there is a bus stop right outside the school. Lakeside MRT is the nearest MRT to school. So it has good transport connectivity.

This school, however, does not admit students holding a Student’s Pass.

DPS International School

Situated in Kovan, this school follows ICSE/IGCSE syllabus and at around S$ 14,750 per annum inclusive of one-time non-refundable deposit fee of S$ 2140, this school has the second lowest fees.

This school’s building look old and the infrastructure does need improvement.

This school is situated amidst independent houses right opposite a nice park named Surin Park. The nearest bus stop is 300-500 m away.

This school too does not admit students holding a Student’s Pass.

Global Indian International School (GIIS)

This school is the most popular one with a few branches around Singapore and a new campus coming up in Punggol. This school has no restrictions on admitting Students Pass holders. A majority of Indians study here. This school offers both CBSE and IGCSE curriculum.

The fee is more than S$ 18000 per annum including one-time non-refundable deposit of S$ 2945.

The school campuses have bus stops very near it.

NPS International School

At more than S$ 22,000 per annum, this is the most expensive Indian international school in Singapore. Like GIIS, NPS too offers both CBSE and IGCSE curriculum and can admit students on Student’s Pass.

This school is located at Chai Chee Lane in the east coast. The nearest bus is a few hundred metres away.

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