Maruvaarthai Pesaadhe

A lazy afternoon listening to Maruvaarthai Pesaadhe from Enai Noki Paayum Thota on a loop – A perfect relaxing atmosphere. This is one non-ARR song which had me liking it instantly from the very first time I listened to it earlier this year.

There have always been a few Gautham Menon/Harris Jeyaraj/Tamarai songs that I have liked very much. I know this is not a Harris Jeyaraj song (Was all the mystery about who the music director is, needed?), but it has the similar feel of the typical Harris-Gautham-Tamarai combo and like several of those songs, very easy to sing too. Catchy, peppy and intense. The visuals shown also have typical Gautham Menon style written all over.

It has some beautiful flute interludes and nice foot-tapping beats. The flute all through is just amazing and that is the best part of this song.

I don’t know why but the beats of this song keeps reminding me of Manase Manase from Nenjinile.

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