The Bucket Song!

Well, it seems that was how the song, Sandai kozhi/Kabhi Neem Neem from Aayitha Ezhuthu/Yuva was referred to by A.R.Rahman! I heard some RJ (if I remember correctly, it was Suchi) telling about it in Radio Mirchi at the time Aayitha Ezhuthu was released. It seems Mani Ratnam had initially wanted a song to picturized on the hero and heroine with the hero singing it to the heroine, tapping a bucket! It’s another thing that the song later got changed to the heroine singing it, but Rahman still called the track as the bucket song.

Coming to the picturization of this song, I like the picturization of Kabhi Neem Neem more than Sandai Kozhi. Abhishek and Rani is one pair that I like very much and is there anyone better than Mani Ratnam who can picturize a romantic song this beautifully! Enjoy watching the song here:

3 thoughts on “The Bucket Song!

  1. adiya

    🙂 its not only in this song..

    i strongly feel mani has a very strong postivit debacle in Love screenplay… pick any of his movies a small twined love story just bangs the youngeter of that era. 🙂 and all are colourful 🙂

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