It’s Raavan everywhere!

Newspapers, magazines, websites, Abhishek Bachchan’s tweets, mail forwards, posters on newspapers and on the walls, trailers on all the Hindi and Tamil channels! After more than a couple of years of rumours initially about Mani Ratnam’s next film Lajjo that were doing the rounds in all the newspapers and websites and then the endless news about what next Mani Ratnam’s movie was all about, the initial names for the Hindi and Tamil versions – Raavan and Ashokavanam, the cast & crew, the problem with forest officials, rumours about the climax, etc., etc., interviews with the cast & crew & the director himself and not to mention all those non-informative news items which seemed to have been published just for filling up the space, the day of the release of the movie is just a couple of days away!

Having watched the last two movies of Mani Ratnam on the day of the release itself, I hope that I get to watch this too on the first day. Can’t wait to see Mani Ratnam delve deep into the numerous minds of Beera! My plan, as of now, is to watch Raavan first and then Raavanan. What about you?

6 thoughts on “It’s Raavan everywhere!

  1. Gradwolf

    Raavanan first. Mani feels at home with Tamil, I think. So I think Raavanan would be a better bet. AE was miles ahead of Yuva. But will watch both.

  2. R Sathyamurthy

    As per Times of India review, this movie has failed to live up to expectations, but for brilliant cinematography and music.

    I guess it happens with hype. Better luck next time for Mani!

    R Sathyamurthy


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