Guru a Hit Film!

It seems ‘Guru’ is the first hit of the year and it has completed 50 days! I very badly wanted to watch Guru in Inox but somehow I couldn’t make it all these days and when I finally decide that I will go this weekend, I see that since yesterday the movie is running only in Woodlands, not in Satyam too. šŸ™ Anyway, I am happy that Mani Ratnam’s Hindi film has finally been declared a Hit in Bollywood.

8 thoughts on “Guru a Hit Film!

  1. chillpilgrim

    Its not worth the watch aparna.. that too in INOX, just try pachaikili muthucharam in INOX. Great film… Neat shots…Precise Story telling… Great Music… All in all a lesson for a lotta fickleminded hubbys out there… – Ash

  2. Aparna

    What do you mean by it’s not worth the watch? If a Mani Ratnam film is not worth the watch, then what else is! I don’t like the movies of Goutham Menon that much. So, I am not planning to watch PKMC.

  3. chillpilgrim

    Ok, to each his/her own. I am a great fan of the rustic maniratnam films as well. Iruvar, Mouna Raagam, Nayagan, Alaipayuthey were good because they’d goodlooking individuals who portrayed a wide gamut of their inner beauty on screen combined with some enthralling music and BGM. Guru lacks the feel factor. Ash is too plasticky( she looked better in Dhoom 2), the climax leaves you high and dry cuz imagine they’re taking you on a ride and when you feel like they’ve ended the ride even before you’ve reached the best part of it( thats the feeling you get when you watch GURU), Madhavan looks good but he could have got some more exposure in the film.

    This is exactly what I mean when I say its not worth the watch in the theatre, especially INOX. I’ve got a DVD lying around somewhere if you wanna watch it….

  4. Aparna

    First of all, I watched Guru on the day of its release itself and I loved the movie!
    Great to know that you like Mani Ratnam’s rustic films.

    //combined with some enthralling music and BGM//
    Well, Guru’s music and BGM is no less enthralling than any of Mani Ratnam’s other movies.

    //Ash is too plasticky//
    Most of the times she is like that only!

  5. yuva


    I fully agree with aparna.’Guru’ is a brilliant movie.
    The man’s (mani ratnam) is great.I like to quote one of
    the dialogues from ‘Ayutha Ezhuthu”.
    When trisha asks sidharth to propose to her standing in
    top of the bridge,sidharth replies
    ‘ I beleive to see a lot of films . That is the reason
    bad quality movies seems to be a hit”

    That’s very true.

  6. Bharath

    Guru is brilliant… It shows how Mani has matured as a director and I would rate the technical brilliance and the acting as probably the best Indian cinema has seen in recent times… Performance of a lifetime by Abhishek… Dont agree that Ash was plasticky… Shes a bad actor otherwise but Mani can make anyone act… Rajiv Menons cinematography is better than that in his own movies! And its Rahman at his mature best!!! (Saw the movie the day before its release at the SACH premiere)…

    Favourite scenes:

    Mayya Mayya (This is a favourite song of most guys Ive met) – More than Mallika looking hot, I think the lighting and the camerawork are way ahead of the rest of Indian cinema

    Guru telling Aznan (?) Contractor his name

    Guru standing quiet when his brother in law exposes the truth

    Guru rejecting the cheque from the senior Contractor – Brilliant *range* of expressions on Abhisheks face before and after..

    In the hospital when his friend tries to commit suicide

    All the interactions with Mithun Chakraborty, especially the one with Madhavan and Vidya Balan in the room – What a brilliant piece of direction… Any mortal director would have made Guru fly into a rage and lost the scene there…

    My God the list goes on and on…


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