ARR Songs Mash-Up by Guitar Prasanna

And then there are those stunning pieces of music which leave you awestruck, mesmerized, happy and pulls you in completely into it. Now, how would you feel when several of your most favourite songs from your favourite composer are brought together and blissful parts from one song after another comes successively in your favourite instrument, guitar by your favourite guitar player? Watch Guitar Prasanna effortlessly create magic with his guitar bringing together lots of beautiful songs of Rahman:

Mindblowing! What a wide variety of songs has he chosen! This is going to be my music for the day.  

2 thoughts on “ARR Songs Mash-Up by Guitar Prasanna

  1. Gobblefunkist

    Thanks for the link. I am blow-hot-blow-cold about ARR – love his songs, or hate them (sorry ! we are half a generation away from each other and I am an innate Ilayaraja follower – funny how the music we listen to during adolescence shapes our tastes), but Prasanna was my college mate, and I have always followed his progress with interest. Shall visit your link, for sure.

    1. Aparna Post author


      Am sure you will really enjoy this Prasanna’s guitar even if you are not a big fan of ARR. Nice to know that Prasanna was your college mate.


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