2 hrs to go!

While the wait for watching ‘Raavan’ is just 2 hours for me, for my sister, it is going to be two long weeks! With all her thoughts only on ‘Raavan’, here is how she thinks Raavan would be:

My Raavan

The lights go off. The film certificate appears. Mani’s shortest ever we think, seeing the number of reels. Screen goes black. We hear the sound of the waterfall. Big Pictures, followed by Madras talkies, written in red. The theme music of Raavan plays, adding to the sound of the waterfall, the sound of crickets, the sound of the forest. The name Raavan appears, smeared in blood. The crowd shrieks. A Mani Ratnam Film. The music builds up as the titles appear. In those two minutes, you are taken into the mood of Raavan. The titles end with Mani Ratnam. Abhishek on top of the cliff. Beera song starts. The clean jump into the water looks even more stunning on the big screen. Beera’s character as a wild tameless guy is shown. Him roaming around in the forests, beating up people, riding on his motorbike, exploring the caves and so on. The song ends with Beera encountering Dev with his wife, on the very first day they enter Beera’s area. Beera is enamored by Ragini’s beauty. Dev marks his target. Dev and Ragini enter their new home. Flashback. Their falling in love and getting married. Khili Re song. Dev begins his Operation Beera. Kata Kata song. Beera and his people are happy, celebrating the wedding. By the end of the song, Dev strikes, giving a strong blow to Beera, not just physically. Beera is looking for revenge. Ragini urges Dev to show her around the forests, despite Dev’s warning that it’s more scary than romantic as she expects it to be. Ragini and Dev set out. Dev gets an urgent phone call (which we later discover is a fake call by Beera). He urges Ragini not to go anywhere and stay where she was, till he came back. But Ragini goes out to the waterfall and, by a freak accident, falls down, sliding on the rocks, deep into the water. Interval.

Of course, the movie will be completely different from what you have ever imagined 😉

9 thoughts on “2 hrs to go!

  1. Sathej

    Hmm..hoping to watch the movie sometime, no tickets apparently for another week or so. Anyway, hmm..nice imagination from your sister. Hope she’s doing good..


  2. R Sathyamurthy


    That is an impressive screenplay. Have read fan fictions; first time read a prelude of a fan screenplay.

    With this imagination, your sister is good to participate in “Naalaya Iyakkunar”. Please recommend as there are no female directors in that show so far.

    R Sathyamurthy

  3. Kaarthik

    Nice imagination… She could have assisted Mani. But the film is a disappointment for me. The screenplay lacks Mani’s Midas Touch. IMO Raavanan is better then Raavan

  4. SUGAN

    Movie is not as good as it is expected to be……. Mani who showed how beautiful love can be in Alaipayuthe…. has showed how boring love could be in this flick……. Any way its worth a visit for vikram’s outstanding performance(Ravanan) coupled with excellent camera work by santhosh and pumping music by Rahman….. Aish looks and performs beautiful…………

  5. Abdul

    Aparna, please don’t test our patience..We are waiting for a review from you to decide whether to watch it or not..please find some time and write it up! I can’t expect it to be an unbiased one from a die hard Mani fan who has been writing on about Mani for the past 5 years..even though your opinion will be highly appreciated!

  6. Tej

    Just saw ‘Mani Matters’. Mani gets the visuals and aesthetics right almost everytime. Technically brilliant no doubt, but he needs to try something new and move to scripts that are gritty, realistic and more in tune with the times. He also needs to drop Ash and Abhi and take risks with fresh talent.


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