This week….

What started off as a week filled with confusions is going to end as the best one! I had to take up an exam on Tuesday. Initially it wasn’t confirmed whether I was to write the exam on Tuesday or Wednesday. The whole of Monday got wasted with me mailing and meeting a lot of people trying to confirm the day of the exam. By the time it was confirmed that I had to take up the exam on Tuesday itself, it was Monday evening. After preparing ‘very hard’ for the exam, I went to the building where I was to take up the exam only to hear the security tell me that there was no examination room with the name I asked for, in that building! With less than half an hour left for the exam, I got tensed a little bit and finally managed to reach the room which was indeed in the same building(!) with help from a friend of mine. The confusions didn’t stop with this. As soon as I completed the exam, the mark I had scored got displayed on the screen. Since I didn’t know what the cut-off was for clearing the exam, I wasn’t sure whether I had cleared the exam or not! Everyone had their own say as to what the cut-off mark was! I finally found out that I had indeed cleared the exam! To ‘celebrate’ it and to take a break from all these confusions, I took a day off and it was total masti at home on Wednesday. 🙂
It’s back to confusion-free days now. I went to Sanjay’s concert yesterday evening. The Nattakurunji that he sang! Wow!
Now here’s what’s going to make this week the best one: I AM GOING TO WATCH GURU TODAY EVENING!!!!

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