The Vacation Rant

Sitting at the ophthalmologist waiting for my turn, I tell myself that I just should not launch off on that endless rant about how the last few trips to Madras became ones filled with way too many doctor appointments. Yes, I am grateful for the fact that these were all only for routine check-ups, speech therapy sessions and some dental procedures including surgical tooth removals. But I hate the fact that I have to wait for that trip to India to get everything from a routine eye check-up to a dental filling done. I see a lot of NRIs have all these eye doctor and dentist appointments as part of their India trip itinerary. No, I am not launching off on another rant about my preference for India or Madras. But all I crave for right now is for at least the next trip being one just for spending full-time with my parents and sister with no doctor visits or interruptions whatsoever. Maybe next year, just for that I should book a ticket at a short notice and come and enjoy for at least a week.

2 thoughts on “The Vacation Rant

  1. Gobblefunkist

    Yes, do that.
    Most NRI’s I know who visit India, are so tired by the time they return that they want another vacation after they go back. I keep telling my sister-in-law who does that, that she needs to come one time by herself, without telling any of the friends and relatives, and just hang around in my house in secret and chill out, rather than gallivanting all over town, visiting people, shopping like there’s no tomorrow, and of course, the doctor appointments.


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