The stereotyped society

My kids and I landed today morning in Singapore, but my husband is leaving from Madras only tonight. All through any conversation related to my vacation be it among my friends or relatives, I had to always say that’s how we got the tickets and we were okay with it. Yes there is no denying that it would be difficult for a few minutes for me when I will have to manage the luggage and two kids, especially considering the fact that I am a bit clumsy and to me, pushing a trolley without struggling itself is a big thing šŸ˜› And not to forget the fact that I would have to come back to a house locked for several weeks, which means it was going to require cleaning up instantly.

What surprised me today morning was when the taxi driver asked me where is your husband when he saw me with two small kids and two big suitcases! He had several questions like is your husband working in Singapore, why isn’t he here and when he saw the little one asleep when we reached my apartment, he asked how will you carry the baby, the backpacks and the luggage!

Well, in the larger scheme of life, managing these for just a few minutes doesn’t really seem like a big thing to me. And guess what, for the first time, I managed all these so easily without struggling for even a second while pushing the trolley or while arranging the suitcases in the trolley. My little ones, as always, were so helpful all the while. The crying from them and the whining Ā from me would begin only later after the effect of sleepless night and exhaustion takes them (as well as me šŸ˜‰ ) over tomorrow.

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