The Morning Rush!

Just like every other person, weekday mornings are the craziest time for me too. The main part of the day when I do all the talking, shouting, rushing and running starts from the moment I wake up my daughter. It doesn’t stop till my son and I come back home after dropping her in school.

Having always been like ‘Jab We Met’ Kareena Kapoor who rushes and catches her train, getting ready in leisure and walking to the bus stop unhurriedly has never been something that I have done in almost the last decade! Even when I didn’t have any commitment in life or any cooking or household chore to be done! But just like Kareena, I always managed to catch the bus on time. 🙂

Even as I write this, I remember my almost-decade old post. I feel embarrassed to say that my ‘2-minutes’ extra sleep habit has still not changed!

Anyway, so being the person who rushes all the time, there I am rushing my kids too in the process. Even before being asked to give rest to my voice, I always knew that I should keep my mouth shut at several instances, but I just couldn’t. Barring a few days, including a bit today morning too 🙁 , I have started talking less and as a result of that, rushing less too. Habits indeed die hard. So this is where I am really struggling to change myself. The day I master keeping my mouth shut during the crazy morning routines will be the day I will say that I have really changed for good.

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