The Kids’ Mealtime Struggles

Yes, every mother goes through it at some point of time or the other. You wake up in the morning, take one glance at the clock which has you running into the bathroom to take a shower and get out of it in a jiffy, rush through the preparations of cooking at least a basic meal and finally run to the nearest fan with the cooked food in your hand just so it could turn warm from hot sooner so that you can feed your kid on time before his/her hunger pangs could turn into tantrums or crying spells. That’s when comes the first refusal and then total rejection from the kid who outright says that he/she will not eat the food.

This everyday struggle at almost every single mealtime, including in the form of unfinished lunch boxes from school gets on your nerves enough to launch off into a rant on why you even cook anymore, doesn’t it? I really wouldn’t mind if either of my kids didn’t eat properly at a few of their mealtimes if it didn’t result in all the crying or naughty acts from them. While my 5-year old resorts to crying for anything and everything, my 2-year old launches off into full-blown naughtiness, throwing things, biting/hitting us and jumping on the sofa. Diversion from it all and having a backup food like Magnum icecream or Lays chips ready for such times is what works most of the times. But, sometimes, even that doesn’t work. And that’s when frustration sets in on us. Ah the immense level of patience that is required from us! Just what exactly do kids love to eat???

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