The Downhill Days

The moment I wrote the last post here on how I was in a relaxed mode, I knew that Murphy would soon strike. After all, smooth rides don’t last forever in life. My daughter had her full-blown crying spell on Thursday morning and got delayed to school by half an hour! But I would give myself a thumbs-up for handling it calmly. But I too was to soon stop being calm.

It all started from the moment we boarded the bus back home on Friday evening. I had taken my kids to an education fair right after picking up my daughter from school. The onward bus ride to the fair was super smooth with all of us being in a good mood and the kids too eating properly and feeling energetic to have loads of fun. And loads of fun they did have! Leaving the fair an hour and a half later, we walked to the bus stop only to realize that the bus we wanted wasn’t going to arrive for the next couple of hours! Serves me right for not having the app showing the bus arrival time!

We retraced the path to another bus stop, boarded the bus and that’s when heavy rain started. This resulted in heavy traffic too. Travelling on a crowded,closed bus on rainy days always makes me feel tired and grumpy and causes headache too. The kids too started feeling restless and that’s when impatience kicked in, in all of us! I had to keep asking them repeatedly a thousand times to keep quiet, not stand, not make noise, not fight, etc. I had to keep reminding myself also to talk less. By the time we reached home after changing two more buses, the rain had stopped, the kids were feeling cranky and their mother was feeling the crankiest.

I postponed making my son sleep and that again resulted in more crankiness. Add to it the dishes piling up in the sink! By the time I finally took my son out for a walk, made my son sleep and came back home, I saw that my husband had washed all the vessels. What a relief!

The night was even bad because my daughter kept crying because of leg pain caused by jumping on the trampoline! We finally slept early in the morning and woke up feeling fresh. My husband took my kids out for swimming and I got some real cleaning chores done at home. Later, we again went to the fair, had even better fun sans any trampoline jumping and came back home in a non-crowded bus on traffic-free roads despite heavy rains.

Rain and the musty smell of wet clothes irritates me to no end and impatience and crankiness again took over, which I now realize is because I had left my house badly cluttered and again, I had let the dishes piled up in the sink. The sleep time of the son was nearing, the daughter wanted to play with her friend outdoors on the wet play area, I was again feeling stressed out. My husband cleaned the vessels again. Again a relief.

Yesterday was better. I maintained a clear sink all through. Heavy rain again and the wet clothes of two days refused to dry. We all went out in the evening to a nearby play area. The kids had their fun, but I found water play yesterday tiring since that meant more clothes to be dried and another bath time for kids after returning home.

Anyway, I have definitely not been in the best of my moods. The house is full of things strewn all around. A lot of chores are pending and, here I am, happily typing all this away without getting any of it done. But, at 4 am when sleep eludes, what else can I do?

I promise myself that I will definitely be completely relaxed today and will make sure that my children are relaxed too.

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