I think the word procrastination was coined especially for me. I always keep postponing things and end up doing all the work in the last minute. Of course, I still manage to complete the work on time. Maybe that’s what has given me the confidence to leave everything to the last minute. I also feel that I work more efficiently in the last minute. 🙂 The reason why I am writing all this now is I went to three concerts last weekend and still I haven’t written about it in my blog in spite of logging in many times to write it. One reason why I started writing about the concerts I attend is I will have something to write in my blog regularly. But I have gone back to my good old habit of postponing things. (How can I claim that I have gone back to it when I never did stop postponing things?!!) As a result of that, I have already read many reviews/writings about the concerts that I don’t feel like writing about it now. 🙁

One thought on “Procrastination

  1. aarathy

    They say “time flies because many ppl are trying to kill it”.
    You are not the only one practicing this bad habit…
    there are many of us out here…
    So cheers to us all!!!


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