Play-Doh Messes

Looking at our toys, dolls and games collection, even I am surprised at how we managed to not own one of these Play-Doh sets so far. During the June holidays in Madras, my daughter became so fascinated by the Play-Doh kitchen set ads on Nick Jr that she went into such a pestering mode that there was no way I could evade buying it.

We bought the Play-Doh Fun Bakery set and the kids had fun making cupcakes, cookies and all treats yummy.

As with any other new toy, she played with it at least for a couple of hours everyday for a week before she lost interest in it, with the Play-Doh dough crumbling to bits also adding to her disinterest. My little one is, however, yet to lose interest. Now, with more Play-Doh sets and more clay added to their collection, both have again got a new-found interest and the house remains a colourful mess with colourful crumbs scattered all through at all times.

Sometimes, I too join in with them and have fun squeezing and moulding the colourful non-sticky dough.

Despite picking up the play-doh and putting it all back inside the boxes, I can already see some of these too slowly on the verge of disintegration. Any tips on how to maintain it?

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