On Saffron Threads and Semiya Payasam

As the saffron threads swirled around in the semiya payasam filling the air with its aroma and lending the payasam its rich saffron tinge, I felt happiness engulfing me as I realized that I have made the yummiest of semiya payasam yet again.

From generously adding ghee while roasting the semiya to a golden shade to letting it get properly cooked before adding sugar and letting the milk reach its boiling state again and again just so it would reduce to that level where the payasam would be creamy in texture and finally, adding in the right amount of elakkai powder, I have almost perfected each stage just so I could get that delicious payasam. Above all, ah! those saffron threads oozing out their richness to the few spoonfuls of warm milk in which they are floating around waiting to be added to the payasam just so they could share their exotic flavour to it! Heavenly!  

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