Naughtiness, Frustration, Impatience, TV, etc

I am right now at my peak impatient-irritated mood. I wish I could give a nice long lecture or launch off on a yelling spree to my kids about how they should listen to what I say and stop watching TV and play and eat properly instead. But I know that there is going to be no use whatsoever.

I had already reached my threshold limit for asking/pleading/fighting with my daughter to make her eat her breakfast in the morning itself.

I had planned on taking them out to the play area at least for a couple of hours in the evening and just when I was about to leave, my son poured at least a half glass of milk all over the floor and all over me too! I immediately had to seek the help of my babysitter that Nick Jr channel is and launch off on a cleaning spree. Four rounds of mopping the hall with different rag cloths and mop and after a nice, long bath later, I sit to feed my daughter her food when she refuses to start eating and refuse to turn off the TV too.

I am irritated, tired, frustrated and all that. Rather I was. Writing these trivial, everyday happenings here has made me calm down. Just like all those calming deep breaths are supposed to.

I am all set to launch off on yet another fight to turn off the TV, except that this time it will be a calmer-me handling it.

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