Missing Madras!

It could be something as simple as the joy of riding a Scooty on Mount Road, or something as retail-therapeutic as shopping in T. Nagar, or some little pleasure as indulging in a channa samosa at Shree Mithai, or something as comforting as being able to visit the family paediatrician when the kids end up with fever, or something as fun for the kids as playing with their close friends who also happen to be neighbours, or something as relaxing as going for a long drive on car with Rahman’s music on at high volume, or something as emotional as the joy of being able to see my parents at any time that I want to right away! Madras! – Oh just how much am I missing you! At this point in my life, the very fact that I can get to experience this life in Madras at least for a few weeks every year is what matters the most to me.

2 thoughts on “Missing Madras!

  1. Gobblefunkist

    I share your love for Madras. That’s why, when my husband tried to find a job elsewhere, I absolutely refused to move. That’s not an option for everybody, though.
    Hugs to you.


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