It’s in this chaos that I thrive!

Last week, there was this night when good, deep sleep was eluding me for quite a while. When I finally managed to doze off, the little one who was down with fever was wide awake and by the time he fell asleep again, the daughter was awake complaining of leg pain. The rest of the night had them alternately waking up and during those quiet moments of the night, I was deeply pondering about how I am loving this crazy schedule that my life is filled with.

I don’t complain about what mundane routine that I am having, since there’s nothing mundane about it except for the dishwashing chore, talking about which, as I already wrote here, with either of my kids giving me company as I wash the vessels, I am not finding that too as boring as I usually do.

Believe me when I tell you that almost every single day passes by very quickly. The mazhalai talks of the son, the conversations with my daughter, a naughty act or two, running sprees on the road (I am on a run all the time with my little one), outdoor play times, the sibling bonding and fighting spells, book reading sessions, saraLi varisai singing, unwinding with ARR’s songs on YouTube, pausing to listen to a bird’s call or talking in hushed-up voices as my children and I try to observe a bird from up-close, catching up with an episode or two of Peppa Pig with the kids (I personally like the happy family filled with loads of laughter portrayed by Peppa and her family) making dishes with loads of vegetables on a daily basis, keeping the little one busy with all his colourful mini cars and catching with the day’s news, working on my daughter’s spellings and vocabulary which I immensely enjoy doing since I have been a lover of words and spellings ever since my teens, scribbling and writing A to Z with my little one – the days are full with all the activities that happens at every home with kids.

Even what is perceived as a routine drop to and pick-up from school has nothing routine about it with my little one adding all sorts of entertainment to it by running off to the play area and sitting atop the slide refusing to budge one bit or removing his shoes, throwing it and running off in exactly the opposite direction, all the while getting my daughter and me all tensed out or all confused depending on the day’s mood.

Yes, there are days when I navigate through colourful toys of different sizes (did I tell you I have had enough of Kinder Joy toys??) scattered all over the house and the books and papers lying everywhere, muttering an irritated word or two (or quite a few too!) asking my kids to help me get things organized. But, with no lack of adventure and all sorts of fun, laughter and naughtiness, it is in the chaos that I thrive.

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