In a bid to reduce talking….

Ok so it has been about 12 days since I wrote something here. And how have these 12 days been? The first few days of August were nice and relaxing. But, last week, there were several instances when I was whining aloud a bit, though I did cut it short within a few words. But I definitely did not do it in a loud voice. So, yes, I am improving. But, nowadays, I feel that I am talking a bit more than I should be.

Last week saw both my kids falling sick with fever which meant sleepless nights for the kids and me and crying spells from them. Add to it those rainy days. It meant we couldn’t get our much-needed outdoor play time. So, yes, we were all in a bit of a lousy mood. A school holiday in the middle of the week which turned out to be a rainy day further added to the lousiness. Hmmm, so were these the reasons why I was in a bit of a whining mode myself? No proper sleep meant there was a need to keep at least a bit of a conversation going all through the day (and night too!) with my kids. At two different instances during our nowadays brief-phone-calls, my sister reminded me that my volume level and the tone of my voice needed to be minded.

There were those good moments too with regard to my progress on improving my patience levels and controlling my anger and stress levels. When my daughter had her full-blown crying spell last week, I remained calm throughout, did not raise my voice and did not make the mistake of giving any advice to her. I always get so much stressed out in trying to find ways to calm her down as soon as possible that I would keep talking with her all through the crying spell. It would either be ‘well-meaning advice’ or some more shouting from my side as well! Last week, I not only did not utter any unwanted words, I also remained calm deep-down. My daughter’s crying spells apart, I always get provoked easily. I seem to be improving on that area as well, though I have a long way to go. Unruffled, will I ever be?

Another good thing which has been happening is we have started reaching school on time without rushing on the way. But, there were a few days when I should have reduced my talking further while getting my daughter ready to school.

Anyway, now that both my kids are back to normal and we are all slowly catching up on our lost sleep, I hope that this week turns out to be better. Also, writing here will definitely help me remember to not do any unwanted continuous-talking.

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