Hitting Refresh

That’s what I have been telling myself for quite a while now and keep planning to write it here too. But, like the classic habit of several software folks who click on ‘Refresh’ in their desktops when their system gets hanged or when they don’t know how to proceed further in their work, all the while knowing fully well that nothing will happen because of that ‘Refresh’, my ‘Refresh’ goal too remained like that dummy ‘Refresh’.

As was evident from my meager blogging here, last month didn’t see me being fully relaxed or practising mindfulness or keeping my tiredness or irritation under control or even keeping my tongue fully in control during those stressful moments. Blame it on the weather or the cold and cough or whatever, I saw myself losing control over improving my patience level that I had been working on with full earnest for the best part of 2017. Now, with the sun back in full force, my cold and throat problems having reduced a lot and me working on improving my patience levels again – be it the patience that I show to myself or to others or to a situation, I felt that the time has come to finally hit that refresh mode.

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