As I while away my time….

Ever since I resigned my job in January 2014, there have been several people – from close relatives to strangers, who have been asking me how do you pass your time all day! When I tell them I am a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom – the new trendy abbreviation to use for a homemaker with kids, in case you didn’t know) who doesn’t how every single day passes by like a blink of an eye, some understood what crazy lifestyle it would be with little babies and doing all the household chores without help, but some didn’t.

It was just about 9 hours ago that my flight landed in Singapore after more than 2 hours delay in departure time. After spending a sleepless night in Madras airport, here I am sitting bleary-eyed and exhausted and typing away all that comes to my mind even as my home looks all messy and cluttered. Yes there are dishes to be done, floor to be swept and wiped, clothes to be washed. But a time like this when both the kids are sleeping during day time is a rarity and I don’t feel like clearing the clutter outside first without clearing the clutter within my mind. Writing has always been therapeutic for me during the last decade of my life.

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